Seminar Series

Te Aka Mātauranga Matepukupuku was proud to kick-off their 2022 Seminar Series with the Flagship Seminar led by Prof. Cris Print on Thursday 31st March. This seminar series will be fortnightly in a mix of formats and seminar lengths. These seminars will be in person and on zoom from June 2022.

Te Aka will hold seminars which embody the future direction of Te Aka: A transdisciplinary research centre focused on improving care, treatment, and prevention, for people, whanau, and communities affected by cancer, through Māori and community partnerships, research, education and training, and advanced clinical care.

We are so pleased to able to give recognition to all the researchers and communities involved in these cancer related projects and support new and exciting ideas. Thanks to the speakers and audience. We are so grateful to those willing to come and talk to us about their learnings.

Upcoming Seminars:

  • 1pm Friday 8th of July – Professor Paula Lorgelly

Previous Seminars:

June 10th 2022: Emma Nolan and Cherie Blenkiron


In this seminar we have Emma Nolan speaking about Naughty neutrophils: Radiation therapy triggers a dark side in neutrophils. 

Followed by Cherie Blenkiron speaking about Extracellular Vesicles as biomarkers for endometrial cancer.

May 27th 2022: Professor Stefan Bohlander


In this seminar we have Professor Stefan Bohlander speaking about Precision medicine for haematological malignancies. Why stamp collecting was important to understand AML.

Stefan gave an overview of the biology and genetics of acute myeloid leukaemia, with an emphasis on the newer developments in the field facilitated by next generation sequencing (NGS). As an example of a Precision Medicine Initiative, Stefan will introduce our myeloid NGS panel and report how it impacts the management of AML patients in Auckland. Stefan also gave an brief overview of our murine leukaemia models and our studies on leukaemia stem cells.

May 13th 2022: Show and Tell – Session 2


This was a ‘Show & Tell’ event, in which we will showcase some of the fantastic research programs and scientific platforms that are being developed and led by members of our research community. Each speaker gives a short ‘elevator pitch’ style presentation.

To see more about this seminar click here.

Friday 29th April: Show and Tell


This was a ‘Show & Tell’ event, held on Friday 29th April, in which we showcased some of the fantastic research programs and scientific platforms that are being developed and led by members of our research community. Each speaker gives a short ‘elevator pitch’ style presentation, followed by a brief Q&A session.

At the end of the seminar, we hosted a 30-minute networking and discussion event over Zoom for those who wished to attend, allowing the viewer to engage with our speakers, ask questions and establish new collaborations. This event is designed to inspire you, to inform you, and to help connect you!

March 31st 2022: Rakeiora – generating a new precision medicine research infrastructure in NZ


New Zealand has many high quality precision medicine research programs involving genomic data from patients across a range of diseases. However, this research often proceeds as relatively small-scale projects, with virtually no supporting computational infrastructure and little potential for collaboration.

We have few equivalents to large overseas initiatives such as Genome England. Many of NZ’s precision medicine academic studies and clinical trials have inconsistent protection of participants, outdated ethical, legal and governance frameworks and little focus on Māori Treaty rights or Māori & Pacific health needs.

Rakeiora is an MBIE-funded project that aims to address these issues. It is building a prototype for a safe, well-governed and effective infrastructure in which NZ researchers can store, analyse and collaborate using national-scale human whole genome data sets linked to health records. Rakeiora will primarily enable precision medicine research and trials but will also facilitate clinical care. While

Rakeiora works with overseas programs such as Genome England, Gen3 and GA4GH to use the best international methods available, it is NZ-centric, focussed on co-innovation with Māori and is grounded in Te Tiriti and tikanga frameworks.