Seminar Series

Te Aka Mātauranga Matepukupuku was proud to kick-off their 2022 Seminar Series with the Flagship Seminar led by Prof. Cris Print on Thursday 31st March 2022. This seminar series will be fortnightly in a mix of formats and seminar lengths.

Te Aka will hold seminars which embody the future direction of Te Aka: A transdisciplinary research centre focused on improving care, treatment, and prevention, for people, whanau, and communities affected by cancer, through Māori and community partnerships, research, education and training, and advanced clinical care.

We are so pleased to able to give recognition to all the researchers and communities involved in these cancer related projects and support new and exciting ideas. Thanks to the speakers and audience. We are so grateful to those willing to come and talk to us about their learnings.

Upcoming Seminars: